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Local SEO Services Explained

There’s a lot of hype around SEO services. Each provider has their own way of doing business and it’s not always clear what you’re paying for.

This page is about the SEO services that we provide. It’s a no-nonsense easy to understand explanation that is relevant for businesses that want website traffic within an area local to them.


Local village

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put – dress your website up so that it is seen in a crowd.

The reason that it is confusing is that the real money is in big SEO. Agencies that work for national or international companies quote staggering fees for SEO services. The talk is all about getting on to page one for Google searches and they base fees on expected (not guaranteed) results. It’s a bit like you charging more for a conservatory or kitchen if it improves the value of a house.

We don’t do that. We just charge for what we do and we won’t put our charges up if you make more profit from our efforts.

The problem for local companies is that all of the most searched keywords are dominated by national companies. Even if you add your town to the keyword, you could still be drowned out by the big companies who have thousands of pages on their websites so that they can claim every town in the UK. The only way you can get above them if your website is not optimised is by paying for Ads. That very quickly gets expensive and can be fruitless if it’s not managed correctly.

You can beat them. The only reason they beat you is that they put in the work and you don’t.

Local SEO can get you on the front page.

When a potential buyer searches for services that you offer, you want to be on the front page of Google. If you cannot rank nationally then you must rank locally in the top three search results. This means that you will appear in the map pack as pictured with our client showing at the top.

These are the results that will appear immediately after the ads and before the national search rankings.

Research shows that 42% of searchers will click on the map pack. Consumers are becoming more aware and would rather click on those local companies than the national ones dominating the ads.

This is the map pack search result for ‘garage doors Norfolk’. You can type this into Google to see for yourself. Being at the top carries the additional bonus of appearing in the ‘right rail’. This means that your Google My Business Listing is shown on the right.

The map pack is the single most powerful marketing weapon that a local business has, and it’s free.

Google my business results

Local SEO Services.

Local SEO is made up of many different skills that all add up to increase your visibilty so that you are found when customers are looking.

Keyword Research.

We research the top 100 keywords or phrases that you should try to rank for. This is not as simple as choosing a list of your products. There is no point in trying to rank nationally for generic words such as windows, doors, kitchens bedroom etc.

Google understands search intent by the words used. If it thinks there is a possibility that the searcher could be ready to buy, it serves the local listings. The trick is knowing what words make the local listings appear.

We also look at all of your competitors to see what keywords they rank highest for and legitimately steal their traffic for you. We also use ‘Answer the Public’ where we can see what questions are asked in Google search and the volume of searches so that we can adjust content to attract those queries.

Once we have identified the 100 keywords, our job is to help you appear on the first page when anyone searches those terms.

Rank Track and Alert for 100 Keywords.

Once your keywords are identified we track them so that we know your positions in the ranking and therefore, know what to work on for you or notify you if you are doing your own SEO. We monitor and adjust these keywords as necessary.

We have the ability to see all of the keywords that you rank in the top 100 for and identify those that generate traffic. Of course, ranking over number 10 is pointless so we adjust copy to target keywords or phrases that will generate traffic. 

Listings Builder and Tracker.

Listings on other sites such as Yell and Cyclex are horribly difficult to keep track of which is why every time we take over an account we find inconsistent and missing listings. Consistency through the internet affects your rankings. It is one of the ways in which Google judges your suitability when serving your site up for a searcher.

The Listings builder (also known as citations builder) makes it easy to see your listings, which ones need correcting and gives you a direct link to easily make changes.

We do this as part of dedicated hours but if you need a quicker boost, you can request a listings booster. This costs £100 for 25 new or adjusted listings. 

Reputation Management.

Reputation manager has three parts. We can manage this for you or give you access to  your own dashboard where you will be able to see all your reviews in one place and respond to them.

1. Tracking.

This monitors reviews across the internet on any sites that you are listed on. Often, reviews are missed. Responding to feedback whether good or bad is essential for growing your business.

We also track mentions of your business name so that we can pick up and alert quickly if a customer is mentioning your name negatively anywhere publicly that Google can pick up in a search.

2. Showcase Reviews.

The best way to show your website visitors that you are a reputable business is to show off your reviews.

We provide a widget to be placed on your site on as many pages as you want so that you can showcase your latest 5* star reviews from all platforms.

Show as a list as shown or as a carousel. We decide together what reviews are shown and how many.

You can see this on the page working by clicking this link. 

SEO services review showcase

3. Generate Reviews.

This is one of the most exciting features of this service. Every business owner hates asking for reviews. They live in fear of a bad one even when they know they’ve done a good job and us human beings are just not good at asking. We don’t like to ‘poke a sleeping bear’. Reviews are fantastic for generating business. The more you can show your reputation, the more faith prospective buyers have.

We take care of it in a way that makes it easy to give you a good review and catches customers before they leave a bad one. We’ll explain how this works in more detail when we talk.

If you are paying for dedicated hours, we can respond to your reviews for you. In this case, we give you a list of responses that we agree on. We check with you if there is anything unusual.

Competition Tracker.

Our aim is for you to be number 1 in the map pack for as many traffic generating keywords as possible. Sometimes this means looking at why your competitor is ahead of you. Occasionally there are anomalies but in general, there are good reasons. We analyse what they are doing that you’re not and do more. This allows us to legitimately steal your competitor’s website traffic.

The report shows us your competitors in two ways.

1. It shows the top ten ranking positions for your main category in Google My Business.

2. You can choose your 4 main competitors and we will monitor your keywords against those at well. Usually, we analyse the four that appear with you in the map pack most frequently for their keyword generating traffic and we suggest you use those. However, if you have someone you would like to compete more directly with, we can use them instead.

We will not work with those 4 competitors at the same time. They can  go on the waiting list but we won’t actively help them rank above you. It’s typical of agencies to go after clients in groups so they can save time by duplicating work for businesses who are close to each other and use the same keywords. This is counterproductive. We won’t do that to you.

Google My Business Management.

One of the first tasks that we undertake for you as part of your local SEO services is to optimise your Google My Business listing. Google my Business is an amazing resource but few businesses understand it’s true power.

We also regularly post to it to make sure it is constantly moving.

This uses up some of your paid hours but once the listing is optimised, it generally only takes a couple of hours a month. Send us images relevant to your business and we’ll supplement these with relevant stock images. We provide  copy unless you want us to post something specific.

Let us know about sales promotions or events and we’ll post those out too.

Dedicated Hours.

The work that we do in monitoring, research and planning to make sure the right keywords are tracked is all part of the service.

In general, we decide what these hours are used for, based on what the reports tell us. You can request additional help with writing marketing copy, sales letters, emails. Anything to do with sales and marketing. You can use the time allocated for you in your monthly quota or request additional hours.

This is one way in which we are different to every other agency. We use your hours flexibly to do whatever work needs doing and prioritise the work that gets the best results.

During the first month or two, your hours will be used mostly on creating good foundations for your SEO. This depends on how much groundwork has already been done.

This means addressing the issues flagged in your FREE report. We also use a more technical audit to find other underlying problems.

We can only provide technical SEO services if we have access to the back-end of your website.

We can only work on the on-page SEO services if we have access to the front-end. If this doesn’t mean anything, don’t worry about it. We’ll identify these things for you before you sign up with us.

Off-Page SEO services do not require access to the website.

We’ve created a quick glance table for you to see the most important tasks included in each of the three SEO services management types.

Technical SEO

Access to Back-end of Website Required.

  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Site Speed
  • Duplicate Content
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Canonical Tags
  • Redirects
  • Broken Links
  • Hreflang
  • Site Structure

On-Page SEO

Access to Front-end of website required.

  • Meta Title Tags
  • Meta Title Descriptions
  • Content alignment
  • Optimise keywords
  • Rewrite or add copy
  • Internal links
  • Outbound Links
  • Image Alt Tags & Optimisation
  • User Experience

Off-Page SEO

No access to website required.

  • Google My Business
  • Link Consistency
  • Review Management
  • Social Signals
  • Audience Targeting
  • Backlinks
  • Local Relationships
  • Directories
  • Authority

Regular Reporting.

We use several systems to manage and track your ranking and the health of your website. You’ll receive regular automate reports so that you can see the progression.

Each week you will receive a report similar to the one you already did but also with your ranking positions for the keywords that we input after you sign up. You can check your position in the dashboard but as standard, we set the report to be emailed to you automatically every week. You can choose monthly if you prefer.

We use that report to determine the workflow. It tells us what we need to work on as a priority. This is generally keywords that you don’t rank high enough for or ranking that has dropped. We set alerts so that as soon as we know, we can investigate what has triggered the drop and take immediate steps to get it back up.

Google my business report

No Commitment.

Whatever package you are on, we want you to stay with us because we do a great job for you. There is no penalty for leaving and you leave with everything we have done for you. We would never undo work we have done or withhold log-in details.

All we ask is that you give us at least 5 days notice to cancel or change plans. Cancellation will take place at the end of the month. Part months cannot be refunded.

If you choose to take advantage of savings by booking for 6 or 12 months, you can still cancel with 5 days notice but the refund will be calculated with time used at the normal monthly price, not the discounted price.

Getting Started.

Before we start work with you, we will need access to see how much work your website needs. Sometimes the structure needs changing or technical work needs to be done before you can benefit from local SEO services. We’ll be clear and upfront about what is needed. Your initial audit will give us a fair idea of what is going on but sometimes we can’t see the true picture untill we look deeper under the hood. Once we have your initial audit, we can discuss the costs with more accuracy.

If You’re Serious About Your Business You Need to Be Serious About Optimising Your Website.

For local or small businesses, the single most important aspect of marketing is using the free facilities of Google with organic search through targeting keywords and local listings. The form below will give you a complete report of your current standing so that you know exactly what you can achieve. You can complete the form below or if you would like to know more about what it means first, visit this page where there is a more detailed explanation of what the Free Website Analysis. includes.

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A complete overview of your Local SEO Performance including search rankings, listings consistency, On-site SEO and Social Media.

Your Local SEO report is free and without obligation.

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