Low-Cost Lead Generation Campaigns  for local businesses that supply home owners.

Why pay for expensive leads when you can generate them yourself at a lower cost, with better control over quality and you can learn from the data!

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Why are Google Ads so Difficult!

Google ads can be inaccessible for small businesses.

Management fees are often out of proportion to the budget.

Companies offering low cost PPC use cheap smart bidding with poor results. 

Business owners don’t have the time to learn Google Ads.

Websites are often not suitable as landing pages.

Using Google Ads without knowing what you are doing can have expensive consequences.

Getting started with pay per click with Google or any other search engine can be stressful for a new business.

You get stuck in a catch 22. You need leads to grow your business but you’re scared to spend money on marketing that doesn’t work.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Google Ads

The Lead Generation Starter Campaign sets up your Google account safely at a low cost.

It’s a fixed low price so that you can try Google ads for three months with minimum risk.

Your analytics and behaviour data collection systems will be set up for you to use for all website traffic.

After, or at any time during your campaign, you can use the data to scale your ads and grow your business.

At the end of the three months, we’ll hand the account over with instructions for maintaining it.

Before you start, we will run a website audit and understand your internet visibility before we talk to you. If there is any reason why Google Ads will not work for you, we will tell you.

To get started, click the button and you will be taken to a form where you can give us the information we need to conduct our audits. Everything we do is free until you decide to go ahead with the lead generation plan.

For more information, continue reading and you will find this button repeated further down the page.

What is Included in a Lead Generation Starter Campaign.

Your campaign is managed personally by me -Sian Wood. You will always talk to me about your business. I have worked in the home improvement industry as a salesperson and a business owner for over 30 years. I understand your products, your customers and the daily struggles involved in running a business.

Your Goals.

We will have an initial chat about what you want to achieve for your business, including the time frame and the budget.

Your Current Position.

We will run several audits on your website to understand your internet presence and potential.

Google ads graphic

Google Ads Set Up.

Your campaigns will be set up with up to 6 ad groups which are likely to be across 2 campaigns. This will depend on your budget. If you start with only £200, that is likely to be 3 ad groups but you can increase in the three month period as you gain confidence.

All of the variables including location, times, devices and audiences are set up based on our conversation about your business.

Your ads are closely monitored from the outset to ensure that clicks are for the right keywords. We already have tables of negative keywords to apply to your account so that you can start immediately with minimum waste.

Keyword Research.

We choose the keywords based on our conversation with you and what is represented on your website.

We start your campaigns using machine learning until we have enough data to determine manual bidding.


You could easily spend over £500 just to get your GA4 analytics set up properly but we are giving it to you free. This means we will properly set up your website for measurement with GA4 events, Google ads conversions and Microsoft Clarity. You’ll benefit from this for organic and paid traffic.

Google Tag Manager.

We set up or ensure that Google Tag Manager is installed correctly on your website.

Google Tag Manager is a container that is placed on your website so that tags like the GA4 analytics or Gtag can be placed on your website without the need to ask your developer to do it for you.

Where Google Analytics allows us to monitor some behaviour on your website, the use of tags, triggers and variables allow us to understand how engaged your visitors by analysing their behaviour.

Google event and conversion tags

The most efficient use of conversions is when Google Ads is used for online shopping campaigns. A conversion is a sale and the return on ad spend is easily measured by calculating the number of sales. This doesn’t apply for businesses where the conversion happens offline so we must measure in other ways.

In home improvement or professional services businesses, measurement is not as simple or transparent. Your customers have a much longer journey that can take several months. We need a way to make sure that we are sending quality traffic that has the potential to convert to quotes and sales.

Our primary task is to send visitors to your website. Once there, we want to know what buttons and links they click and how long they spend on the page.

To monitor this, we set up conversion tags for your Google ads. Although the conversions cannot be properly measured in monetary terms unless you have a sophisticated CRM, it does allow us to see how engaged your visitors are and make adjustments to your ad campaign based on the data.

While it is not in our remit to make changes to your website during the starter campaign, we will make you aware of the behaviour and advise of anything that is costing you customers.

Manual Bidding.

Having gathered data on cost per click and user behaviour, we switch to manual bidding for complete control over the cost of leads.

Bids are adjusted regularly until we reach the optimum bid for the keyword.

Monitor and Adjust.

Your ad campaign should have settled down at this point and we will have enough data and your real-world experience to determine how to continue.

We continue to monitor and adjust keywords and bids.

The largest percentage of the work is taken care of in the first month. The time spent is approximately 60/20/20. There is a little less ad campaign work in the third month but more discussion with you about the way forward.

Grow your business with marketing strategies designed especially for you. We specialise in helping businesses who supply products and services for the home.


Home Improvements.


Builders and Tradespeople.


Local Retail.


Garden & Landscaping.


Professional Services.


Interior Designers.


Art and Crafts.


Architects and Designers.

Our marketing clients include business who sell blinds, curtains & shutters, windows & doors, garage doors, kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms, pest control, plumbing, electrical services, landscaping and many other products and services for the home. If in doubt, contact us and we will advise.

How Much Does a Lead Generation Starter Campaign Cost?

The management cost of a Google Ads Starter Campaign is just one payment of £499 plus VAT plus your budget for ads. You pay that to us at the start of your campaign and nothing else unless you make changes for the entire 3 months.

You will also pay Google for your ads.

We recommend between £500 and £1000 per month for a starter campaign but will start at a minium of £300.

To be clear, this means that a 3-month campaign with a £500 per month budget would cost you £1,500 plus relevant taxes for Google and £598.80, including VAT to us. Google normally invoices new advertisers when the costs reach £200.

We’ll create up to 3 ad groups in the first month and monitor and adjust for three months in total.

google ads payment graphic

In the first month, we will gather data. In the second month, we’ll refine and adjust bids. In the third month, we will get it ready to tick over on its own so that you can monitor yourself, or we’ll prepare to scale the campaign.

What Happens After the Three Months?

If you want to manage your Google Ads Campaigns yourself, we’ll hand it back to you with a video to show you what to do.

If you want us to keep managing it for you, we’ll put you on to a different management package depending on your budget.

Start Growing Your Business Today!

The Benefit of Google Ads?

Google is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. They enable you to be found when your customers are looking for your products and services.

It can be difficult for new businesses to get started. Many think that they can’t afford to invest in marketing or are scared of spending money with no guarantee of a return. That’s why we get you started with low cost campaigns.

Graph showing customer starting at a low budget and growing over 4 months.

When you get your google ads campaigns right, you have a measurable resource that you can use to scale your business. You can grow your customer base, increase sales and grow your profits.

Google ads are an excellent way to build brand awareness and for searchers to see you as a company that has some stature. The natural thought is that if you are on the first page of Google, you must be good.

Real Case Study.

The image shown here is from the Google ads interface of an existing customer. We started in July 2022 with a budget of £7 per day to test the market. The success of that has led to grwoing the budget to £6,700 per month – with confidence.

More Questions About Your Google Ads Campaign.

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I haven't got a website. Can I still run Google Ads?

We can create and host a landing page for you. 

Our focus is on growing local businesses so the advice we would give is to use any budget you have to build a proper website and set up a Google My Business Profile before spending money on Google Ads.

How Much Does it Cost After the Starter Campaign?

Your starter campaign is at an exceptionally low cost. We do this so that you can find out if Google Ads works for you before you make a bigger commitment. If PPC advertising increases your profit, you can confidently grow your advertising budget. The cost of managing your campaign going forward depends on your advertising budget but will be between £250 and £400 plus VAT per month for managing up to £5,000 budget.

Do I need a Google Ads Account?

I recommend that you have your own account but if there is a reason not to, I can run your ads from my manager account for you. This means that you will have to pay for your ads in advance.

One of the benefits of working with me is that I give you complete control over your data. Everything I do for you is owned by you and you can access it anytime.

If you don’t have an ads account, I will set it up for you. I then give you access to it and you add your credit card.

If you already have an account, I will ask for your account number and then request access.

What are the payment terms?

Our Fee.

Our fee is invoiced after we have completed our research and you have confirmed that you want to proceed. Payment is due in advance of building your campaign. We prefer bank transfer but if you wish to use a card for payment, let us know and we will facilitate the payment through Stripe of Paypal.

Google Charges.

You will pay Google directly from your Google Ads account. If your account is new, our experience is that you will be charged every time your account reaches £200. You can apply for this to be increased.

How many leads will I get?

The number of leads depends on your budget and cost per click. Google gives us a guide to the cost of being at the top of the first page and we then make a judgment about how much we want to pay.

We don’t always aim to be at the top. This is one of the differences with local advertising. We look for a balance that will generate leads at a reasonable cost. Sometimes that comes from choosing less competitive keywords.

How do I know my ads are working?

There are systems that allow you to feed your leads into your CRM so that you can measure the entire customer journey. As we specialise in working with local businesses, we find that most of our clients measure their business by how often the phone is ringing, how much they are selling and what the lead time is.

This isn’t perfect but it’s also not a barrier to using Google Ads. The first way that we will show if your ads are working is with Google Analytics which will tell us how many visitors you have and where that traffic is coming from.

The second is that we also measure conversions – actions taken on your site – to see how engaged your visitors are.

Every week you will receive a PDF with an overview of your cost per click, number of clicks, total cost, click-through rate (CTR) and a few other metrics that will be important for your account.

We do not use fancy reporting measures because these would add to the cost and mostly they just baffle the clients.

The other reason that we don’t complicate the reporting is that we make sure you have full access to the accounts. Early on, you’ll receive short videos showing you what to look for in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

What if I don't get any leads?

The Starter Plan is designed for research for the future. During that time, you will have visitors to your website. You only pay for clicks so if they are not visiting your website, you don’t pay.

The ads can only drive traffic. Your website has to play a part in converting that traffic into leads. If your website is so poor that don’t think you can generate leads from it, I will tell you. Depending on the platform, we may be able to make improvements or create an off-site landing page but these are not included in the cost of the starter plan.

Be assured that if I think that Google Ads will not work for you, we will not advise you to proceed.

What can go wrong with advertising campaigns.

Google ads have huge potential for going wrong if not managed properly. All of the campaigns that we examine are not working because they were not set up correctly.

Your campaigns will be set up correctly and I do that before letting them go live. Even though I can set up ads blindfolded now, I have a strictly documented process to ensure that all of the correct boxes are ticked before setting your ads free.

Google ads are not guaranteed to work for everyone but we haven’t come across a home services business that they don’t work for when managed correctly. The biggest challenge is that often websites are not considered a good quality page experience by Google. Sometimes that means we have to bid higher for the ad to be shown.

Do you give refunds?

The short answer is no. I do not refund. I cannot think of a scenario where that would be required.

Maybe Google Ads won’t be right for your business. It isn’t for everyone but that is usually because of factors other than ads. We can only send traffic to you. It’s up to you how those leads are handled.

The worst-case here is that you will have paid very little to find out that Google Ads are not for you but I will still have completed a lot of work for you and the data from that is valuable.

Can I make adjustments to my account?

During the three months of the starter campaign, I ask you not to do anything other than observe. If you have an idea, run it by me. It is very important that you never click to apply Google suggestions. they are automated and can have devastating consequences for your campaign.

What do you need from me?

I will send you a list and instructions before we get started.

I will not run a campaign without Google Analytics so I will need access to that. If you haven’t set it up, I will need access to the website so that I can install it for you along with Google Tag Manager and GA4.

I then further set up Google Search Console.

At the end of the three months, I want to be able to give you as much data as possible so that you can make decisions about your business.

Can I get help to run the ads myself?

We work with our customers to support them where needed or to take over completely.

We do not recommend you run ads yourself and the only reason for that is that you have a business to run. You do what you do best and pay others to do what they do best.

If you are marketing properly you should have so much business coming in that you don’t have time.

That said, we help businesses to run their own ads until they can get to the point where they can afford help.

This is done either by assessing your campaigns and sending you a video or by Zoom with you so that you can interact and ask questions.

Please fill in the form so that we can assess your internet presence before we talk to you.

How often do we talk?

After the initial discussion, there is little need to talk. If you need to talk to me, please email me and I will call you. Please bear in mind that like you, I run a small business and time is money. This is a low-cost campaign so does not allow for many hours of consultation. We have a process that works and if we stick to it, we can keep the cost low.

Got More Questions? Send them here.


Our fee is separate from Google Ad fees. Normally, you would have your own account. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. New advertisers are always offered vouchers that are redeemable when you have spent a set amount. We’ll source the best voucher for you available at the time.

Speech Marks

The best thing about this is that we can go into the new year with a formula. We know exactly how many website visitors we need to meet our targets and we know how to get them. We’ve never been able to predict our business with accuracy before. It’s a whole new level of control and success.

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