How Much Does SEO Cost?

Traditionally good SEO professionals haven’t been available to smaller businesses because the price was too high. We’ve put together affordable SEO packages that are accessible to everyone.

SEO can be expensive and results can take a while to show but we’ve designed affordable SEO packages that produce quick results and show a great return on investment for small businesses.

Search for affordable SEO packages and the likelihood is that you will struggle to find anything that’s less than £1,000 per month. Worse than that, you never really know what you’re paying for. You can’t see what they are doing and there are no guarantees of results. Often you’re told that it takes six months to see the benefit and it seems like you’re throwing your money into a bottomless pit. No wonder that you prefer to put your money where you can see it such as in Facebook ads.

No need to bury your head in the sand and try to forget about SEO because we’ve created affordable SEO packages. Read more to find out why we are such good value.

business man burying head in the sand to ignore seo

A conscious decision to work with those who need it most.

I’m Sian Wood the founder of Attencon Marketing. For the last couple of years, I’ve been working with small businesses and the conversation that comes up most is about generating leads.

Lead generation companies are unreliable and SEO is a mystery. Ads can be expensive. I have a real dislike for the large national companies in the home improvement industry. I’ve worked for a few of them and know what goes on.  The first reason that our price is low is that I am passionate about helping small businesses grow. I want it to be that way to make it available at a price that makes it a no-brainer.

Sian Wood

We Started Offering SEO Services During Lock Down.

The need to be visible on the internet has become far more imperative since lockdown. With time to restructure and sales training becoming less popular, we took the decision to introduce affordable SEO packages. We started off at a low cost because we were new, and our customers were nervous about what the COVID situation was going to mean.

On the positive side of that, it means that we are up to date with the latest algorithms and trends.

Regardless of our newness, we were seeing great results for our clients right from the start.

The table below shows a client that we started working with in August 2020. Unfortunately, we didn’t put him in the system the first week when he only ranked at number 1 position in the map pack for 6 of the 100 keywords tracked. Nevertheless, in 7 weeks, from 16th August when he occupied 34 number 1 positions, we have increased the number 1 positions to 119. The other point to note from this is that the positions nosedived in week 5 dropping 36 positions. Because we are vigilant we were able to attack these immediately and reclaim most of the spots.

This is an old image now but the client is still with us and has grown from £700k per annum turnover to £3m.


We’ve already created the framework for our process.

A lot of the services that we provide are the same for all companies. In particular keyword research. We track thousands of keywords  so that we can see trends, what generates the most traffic and which terms bring up the map pack.

Most companies charge per client for this but we try to pack as much value in as we can.

We follow an efficient process.

A package is as it sounds. It’s a set service that has been designed specifically for the purpose. If you require services outside of this, you pay for it separately. All of the tracking and reporting is automated. If you have a package that includes dedicated hours, we will follow the process for the most important tasks that will get you more visible.

We don’t talk to you at every stage. You set us to work and we decide what those hours are used for. To be blunt, if you want to spend an hour every week talking about the service, it will come out of your hours.

You will receive a report every week so that you know that we’re on track. Of course, you can contact us any time but once we have completed the strategy call and conducted the onboarding process, you will know exactly what’s happening.

We don’t waste your time and money on anything unnecessary.

Most companies will spend your first month’s fees on set up and developing a strategy. Our strategy is already set out in the audit as standard procedure. We have one aim and that is to make your business more visible when customers search for services like yours. All of our affordable SEO packages are designed around this aim. After a strategy call which will take place before you decide to work with us and an onboarding session, you will be set up on our system and will be off and running. No messing about. If you add other services later, we may have to strategise further but for these SEO packages, the foundational work is already done. There are some ways in which you may differ from our other clients, for instance, your target market and the area that you cover. We’ll discuss that during your onboarding session.

clock on a desk

We keep our overheads low.

Like many businesses, since COVID we all work from home which helps to keep overheads low. We also build our own websites and conduct our own marketing.

Our own processes are also streamlined and automated. This is one of the reasons that the SEO packages are paid for upfront monthly, or yearly if you prefer. We do not want to spend our time chasing payments or having discussions about it. This process makes it simple for everyone to know where they stand and saves time.

We don’t sub out your work.

Everything we do for you is done in-house. A lot of agencies sub out the work, often to overseas companies. This means that they must put their own mark-up on the costs. Keeping everything in-house means there is no third party to pay. Your relationship is directly with the people who work for you and understand your business, the industry and the customers.

We don’t separate our fees.

If you’ve looked at the table on the SEO Services Explained page you can see that there are a wide range of services included. If you have dedicated hours included in your package, you are paying a flat fee regardless of the top services. Technical SEO experts charge around £80 – £100 per hour but we do not separate it. We do what we need to do when we need to do it and charge a reasonable professional rate for it.

We are generous with our time too. If something needs doing, we do it even if we have run out of hours for you. This often happens if your listing in Google My Business drops because of spam listings or an algorithm change. If we see a drop, we deal with it.

If we increase our charges.

At some time in the future, we may increase our fees. Who knows what will happen. Maybe we’ll need premises. Maybe we’ll need to grow in other ways. What we will guarantee is that if you are in with us at the time, we will never put your prices up other than normal inflation-related increases.

Audit before making changes.

If you are going to attempt to improve your SEO by yourself, use our free website analysis to tell you what your starting point is. It will also show you what your meta titles and descriptions are. Let us know that you are working on it yourself and we’ll keep you in the system and run a new report a month after you’ve made the changes. No charge. We’ll even tell you what you need to do. Our customers are those who don’t have time to optimise their websites themselves but we’re passionate about helping local business, so are happy to help. Read this first if you are thinking of DIY SEO.


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