Lead Generation for Businesses that Provide Services and Products for Homeowners

When You Can Control Your Marketing, You Can Predict Your Business

Why Pay a Fortune for Unpredictable Leads When You Can Generate Your Own and Control the Quality!

Kitchen fitter
Radiator business that could benefit from Google ads.

Specialist in Home Products and Services

Getting to a point where your ads are optimised for best performance can take time. The more you know about your market to start with, the more cost effective your ads will be.

Specialising in one area means that we already have accurate data to work with so that we can pitch bids at the right level, avoid wasted keyword clicks and target keywords that indicate your customers are ready to buy.

First & Foremost, we are Experts in the Home Improvement Industry

Attencon Marketing and Grow Local Marketing UK is run by Sian Wood, who has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry before moving to marketing. We understand your business and the consumer, which gives us a head start with your marketing.

Complete or Part Management

We understand that in the early days you may wish to maintain control of your ads believing that you are able to save money. We understand that. Although we hope you get to a point where you are so busy that you don’t have time to manage your ads, in the meantime we may be able to save you money and improve your return on ad spend.

Google Ad Services

Full Management

Campaign Build


Keyword Planning

Campaign Optimisation



Analytics & Conversions


Video Review

Zoom Review

Graph showing customer starting at a low budget and growing over 4 months.

The Benefit of Google Ads

Google is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. They enable you to be found at the precise time your customers are looking for your products and services.

It can be difficult for new businesses to get started. Many think that they can’t afford to invest in marketing or are scared of spending money with no guarantee of a return. That’s why we get you started with low cost campaigns.

When you get your google ads campaigns right, you have a measurable resource that you can use to scale your business. You can grow your customer base, increase sales and grow your profits.

Google ads are an excellent way to build brand awareness and for searchers to see you as a company that has some stature. The natural thought is that if you are on the first page of Google, you must be good.

Real Case Study.

The image shown here is from the Google ads interface of an existing customer. We started in 2021 with a budget of £7 per day to test the market. The success of that has led to growing the budget to £6,700 per month with confidence.

The best thing about this is that we can go into the new year with a formula. We know exactly how many website visitors we need to meet our targets and we know how to get them. We’ve never been able to predict our business with accuracy before.

Just Getting Started?

If you haven’t run Google Ads  before and want to try them out, dip your toe in with our lead generation starter plan.

How Much Does Google Ad Management Cost?

We try to be transparent with pricing but our tarriff depends on certain foundations being in place. We conduct a free review before either of us makes a commitment to proceed.

No Contracts. We want our customers to stay because they want to. For that reason, we do charge a set up fee.

Google Ads Management

Add VAT to all fees @ 20%.

Budgets up to £1,000 per month. £250 pm.

Budgets up to £3,000 per month. £400 pm.

Over £2,000. £15% of Budget.

Set up fees equivalent to monthly fee payable in the first month only.

All fees are paid in advance. Google ad charges are usually paid direct to Google.

Help to Manage Your Own

Training video based on review of your Google Ads account. £125 + VAT.

If you are concerned that your ads are not performing as well as they could be or you are using smart campaigns because they seem easy, this could be the best £125 you ever spend.

Want to ask specific questions? Book a live training session. Your lesson will be recorded for you to refer back to. £225 + VAT.

Both training sessions will require access to your account.

Grow your business with marketing strategies designed especially for you. We specialise in helping businesses who supply products and services for the home.


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