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If you understand what the Free Website Analysis report is, jump straight in and analyse how effective your presence on the internet is. For further information, scroll past to read more.

5 Star Reviews

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5 Star Reviews

Included in the Free Website Analysis Report and Action Plan.

Rank Checker for your Google My Business main category. 

You really want to be in the top three for this in your area so that you appear in the map pack.

Links and Website Authority.

How does your website stack up in the industry? This looks at the age of website, number of pages, inbound and outbound links, and the flow of links.

Business Listings.

Is your information consistent through the business listings such as Yell and Cyclex? Consistent listings help you to rank higher.



As this is a free basic report, this will only show you Google reviews. Reviews also show Google that you are worth ranking higher.

Also shows the last 10 reviews on Google.

Google My Business Ranking.

How do you rank against your competitors for your main category? Why are businesses ranking above you? You can look at what they are doing so that you can legitimately steal their traffic.

On-Site SEO.

This section analyses your website for SEO optimisation. You can use this to optimise your website or just to send to your web-developer to ask for a solution.

Mobile Friendliness.

Google now has a mobile-first policy. This checks that your site is fast enough and is easy to use on mobile.

Individual Page Analyser.

This will tell you what needs improving on your top pages.

Manual Audit.

In addition, we take a physical look at your website pages to assess it for speed and user experience. Being found is important but equally so is that your visitors convert to enquiries.

What can you do with this Free SEO report and action plan?


Google has approximately 200 factors that it considers when deciding whether to serve up your website when someone makes an enquiry.

In a split second, Google ‘spiders’ crawl your website to decide whether you have the answer and if you are good enough, compared to other websites.

You can control all of this if you have access to your website or have a web developer to do that for you. If not, then you can focus on the elements that you can manage.

SEO and Google My Business is the single biggest marketing asset that a small local business has. Whatever you can do to improve those factors will help. Read this if you’re thinking about DIY SEO.

How can we help?

Your Free report and action plan is as it says – it is completely free. If you want free tips, stay on the email list and we’ll send weekly emails with suggestions.

If you want help with your SEO management, we have a unique, affordable system, designed specifically for businesses who want local customers.

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Customised Local Business Growth Plan

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A customised marketing plan for local businesses that want to grow. All the hard work done for you. You just create the content in-house.