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How to Embed a Google Business Profile location map into your website

Google makes it possible for businesses to embed a link to their business profiles without any technical knowledge. Follow the steps below to embed your location map.

Just for clarification, the Google Business Profile is the new name for the Google My Business listing.

In this article, I will explain why embedding a map is useful and what to do if you don’t have access to your Google Business Profile. I’ll also give you alternatives if you don’t want to show reviews or you are a service business and do not want to show your address.

3 Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Embed a Local Map

First of all, a map with a link to your business profile may not be suitable for every business. Here are three reasons why:

  1. You may not want to embed a map with directions if you run a service-based business but you can use an alternative to create trust and improve your website visitor experience. Click here to jump to ‘what to do if you run a service-based business‘.
  2. The map display for a website shows a map of the area, reviews and the address of the business. If you have low reviews, you may deter otherwise engaged website visitors.

    If your reviews are poor – below 4.5, jump to this section for an alternative and come back to this later.

  3. When a visitor clicks on the map link it takes them to your Google Business Profile and out of your website. Your visitor may see alternative suppliers and forget that they were interested in you.

Where do the Links on an Embedded Google Map Go?

There are three links on an embedded map. The links are for directions, reviews and a larger map. At first view, all the information shown will be for your company. If your profile and website is optimised well, your visitor shouldn’t see other companies without effort.

Image Examples of the three results.

Where Should You Embed a Google Business Map?

To make the most of having a map from Google Business on your website, but to also avoid people leaving your site because of it, it’s best to put the map in a strategic spot.

The best place is usually when they are looking for contact info, when you’re open, and what you offer. At this point, we can assume that they like what you offer and are ready for the next step. This way, visitors can still see the map if they need it, but they won’t be distracted from the main stuff on your site. To create trust signals, you can use the image in various pages but without a link to the Google Business Profile. If appropriate, you could link first to your contact page.


When you create the link to the Google Business Profile, make sure that the link opens in a new page. This way, if they do get distracted and forget you, the last page of your website that they visited will still be open when they come back.

Why Should You Embed a Google Business Map?

The Google Map is a Trust Signal with the added benefit of providing convenience. Whether your visitors use the map or not, the sight of it on your contact page provides a trust signal for local customers. It helps them to feel that you are familiar and that has benefits in achieving “know, like and trust factors” which will help you to convert more visitors into customers.

The know, like and trust factors will be further enhanced if you have good reviews. If you have premises, the address and reviews are shown in the top left corner. 

Displaying a map adds credibility to your business, showing that it’s legitimate and established. This can build trust with potential customers.

Having a map on your site can boost your local search engine visibility. It provides a link between your website and Google Business Profile which is part of the credibility Google is looking for. It also increases the number of people looking for directions to your company. This is a signal to Google, that the result they are showing is a worthy one for it’s searchers.

A map provides convenient navigation for visitors, allowing them to get directions to your business directly from your website at the point where they have completed their search and are ready for the next step.

Google Maps is mobile-friendly, ensuring accessibility across different devices. Overall, embedding a local business map on your website enhances user experience, boosts credibility, improves online visibility, and facilitates navigation for visitors.

The image below shows how the map is shown on your website. When you download the link, you can choose the size.

how the google map is seen on your website

How the google map is seen on your website

Does embedding Google Maps affect the SEO and ranking of a landing page?

If you run a business with a physical address, it is beneficial to embed a Google Map on your website. It is seen as a positive factor by search engine bots.

Google considers every little thing that you do, that helps your customers and is SEO friendly, to be positive. Embedding a map is a minor task and combined with other efforts, collectively help in creating a positive impact on your Local SEO.

It’s doubtful that the single act of embedding a map in the absence of any other SEO efforts would have any impact but it’s a start and may help your visitors.

Does a map embed slow down your site?

Everything your website does adds to the load and has an effect on speed. As local SEO specialists, we always embed a local map. If there is a speed problem, it is indicative of a wider problem that needs to be addressed. Speed is a factor in core web vitals, which are a ranking factor, so the question is valid.

You can try embedding the map and testing it. If you are concerned about speed, you can always delete it.

Alternatively, you could screenshot an image of the map and link it to your Google Business Profile. I don’t think it looks quite as good, but it’s an option. This can be useful if you want to put a circle on to show the area that you cover or mark out the postcodes using Simplified or Canva.

In the example below, I have screenshotted the map and the white snippet that appears on an embed and created a mock map to show the area covered. You can only have one click destination on an image, so I have chosen directions. I have blocked out the blue text of “51 Reviews” and overlaid black text so that visitors aren’t tempted to click. The blue directions link now stands out as the only obvious choice to click, but clicking anywhere on the image would take the visitor to the maps. NB. I have not made this image clickable, as that would not be relevant here.

Page speed insights for Complete Garage Doors Norfolk
Page Speed Insights

You can try a map embed and an image with a link and test the difference in speed. You can use the page speed insights tool to test any of your pages. If you are just planning to embed the map on the contact page, it’s likely that it’s already a lightweight page, so hopefully, the embed will work fine.

How to Embed the Google Map

Assuming that you have a business with physical premises and you are happy for visitors to see your reviews, let’s get on with embedding a map. It will take you just a few minutes. Follow along with the video or scroll below to find step-by-step instructions.


Step-by-Step Instructions to Embed a Google Map

The first thing you need to do is find the embed code. There are two ways to do this, but if you have access to your Google Business Profile, use the first option to take the link directly from Google.

Start by accessing your business profile.

In your management admin panel, click on (1) ‘info, then (2) ‘view on maps’.

I would usually expect you to have access to your Google Business Profile. If you don’t, first of all, I recommend that you get access. If you are not making use of your GBP, you are throwing money away. In the meantime, jump to this section, which will tell you how to get a link to your map when you don’t have admin access to your GMB.

Image to show steps one and two of how to embed a Google maphttp://map-without-access
How to Access the Map Embed Link Without the Admin Manager.
If you do not manage your Google Business Profile with the manager, you can access the embed link through the browser. Make sure you are logged into Google. Type your business name in the search box as it appears in your profile. You should see something like this one. If you are not seeing your own knowledge panel on the right, you are doing something wrong and are missing opportunities.

Click on ‘Maps’ and you will go to the page showing steps 3 and 4 which is up next.

Google profile for Complete Garage Doors Norfolk
When your map is open in Google, you will have the option to (3) share. Clicking on ‘share’ will open the share box. You have the option to send a link or embed a map. Sharing would give you a link that would bring you to that page showing your Google Business Profile.

In this case, you want to click on (4) ‘Embed a map’.

After you click on ’embed a map, a small map will open and you will see exactly how your map will appear for your website visitors.


Image to show steps threee and four of how to embed a Google map
Choose a size. (5). The options are small, medium and large plus a custom size. The first three will show as they appear. They will be squares. The custom size lets you choose a size. You might choose to use this if you prefer a rectangle as I do. I usually choose a custom size 1000 x 500. It will adjust for different size screens.

Image to show steps five and six of how to embed a Google map
Copy the HTML to Your Website.
Once you have copied the link in step 6, head over to your website. Assuming you have a website where you can open up a code module, all you have to do is paste the code in.

Save and you are done. You now have an embedded map on your website.

Code module for iframe embedded link for Complete Garage Doors Norfolk
Code for google map embed
Input your exact name to show the business name and reviews.
Google my business map with reviews
Input your address to show the map without the business name and reviews.
Google my business map without reviews
What to do if Your Reviews are Poor.
Bear in mind that when I make a suggestion, I have local businesses in mind. Also that the businesses I work with sell products or services for the home.

Embedding a Map When you Have Poor Reviews

With that in mind, if your reviews are less than 4, I suggest that you do not use an embedded map. Instead use an image with a link to take them to directions.

Hopefully, you’ll work on your reviews to improve them but in the meantime, an image will serve the purpose. To find out more about the importance of reviews, visit our article Google Reviews for Local Businesses.

Create a map in Simplified and upload it to your website in place of a Google Map. You can make it look authentic, just use the map without any styling or come up with an idea of your own. The reviews won’t be on there but you’ll still create a trust signal and give your customers the convenience of clicking through to the map.

Alternative you can use the map generator as suggested in the previous paragraph which shows you how to use a free map generator.

At the end of the video, you’ll see where to get the link for directions. It’s quite easy. Just open up your own map listing, click on’ directions’ and copy the address in the URL. You can then use this as a link for the image.

How to Create a Mock Google Map with Simplified.

Should Service Area Businesses Embed a Google Business Profile Map into their Website? 

If you run a service area business, you don’t want to show customers how to visit you but you do want to get the benefits of linking to your profile for Local SEO benefits.

Google rules are quite clear about service businesses. If you do not serve customers at your location, you should set up a service area business. Your address will not be visible. This means that you will not want to embed a Google map.

There are still ways to create trust and make your customers feel that they are dealing with a local business.

You can create a map that has the look of a Google map but is not clickable. The difficulty for businesses who use a service area is that they compete with businesses that have premises. If your customers are already on your website, the last thing you want to do is send them off to Google. Screenshot a map of your area and create a visual that shows off your reviews and highlights the area you cover.

Instead of making the image link to Google, you could link it to another part of your website. If it’s not already on your contact page, link it to that instead.

Google map with radius

The Google Map helps your visitors to feel that you are familiar, and that has benefits in achieving know, like and trust factors which will help you to convert more visitors into customers.


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