DBS Check

A basic DBS check is a criminal record check that you can request for yourself. You may be asked to request a basic check by the company you will represent.

You will be visiting people in their homes, some of whom may be vulnerable, so it is important for the company to show due diligence in vetting the people who sit appointments for them.

Is a basic DBS check for me?

A basic DBS check can be used for any position or purpose. However, for certain roles, you may need a higher level of criminal record check. In general, a basic check is all that is required. Confirm with your company that this is the case.

The Basic DBS Check.

The check will only show convictions that are not ‘spent’, for example, some types of caution will disappear after three months.

You must be 16 or over to apply.

It usually takes up to 14 days for you to receive your certificate.

The service is available from 8am to 11:30pm.

You can pay with a debit or credit card. You can also use Google Pay or Apple Pay.

What you’ll need.

To apply for a basic DBS check you’ll need the following:

  • all your addresses for the last five years and the dates you lived there
  • your National Insurance number
  • your passport
  • your driving licence

How much does a DBS Check cost?

Be careful because some of the companies at the top of Google rankings cost more and are not necessary.  If you are in no rush, the cheapest for England and Wales is £23 from the .GOV website.

If you need your certificate urgently, you may be able to get your certificate quickly from DBSCheckonline. They offer a service to process your application in 24 hours and charge £70 plus VAT.

Standard DBS Check.

Searches the applicants’ record for any – cautions, warnings, reprimands or convictions. Local police are also able to add any information they have on the applicant that they feel is relevant. An individual cannot access a Standard Check themselves; this must be applied for by the organisation the individual is working for. The company that you will be representing cannot request a standard check for this type of role.


The DBS check is for residents of England and Wales and for residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland, where the job is in England and Wales.

The process is different for residents of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Click on the correct links below or to the right depending on whether you are viewing on mobile or desktop. It is important that you make your application to the correct body, or your certificate may not be accepted.


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